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A Goodwill Globetrotting Project

Smiling Hearts Field Trip & Toy Drive
June 2012
Siem Reap, Cambodia

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  • Joseph Morgan
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About This Project

Smiling Hearts Association for Children (SHAC) is a fantastic small suplimentary school for disadvantaged children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Upon hearing that the kids would never get the opportunity to visit the city's Cultural Center on their own, we set out to take them there on a field trip. We spent the entire day there having a blast and, more importantly, the kids got a chance to learn more about their lost culture. In addition to the field trip we also raised enough funds to stock the playroom with toys so the kids have something to play with during the rainy season and purchased and we purchases 3 months worth of basic school supplies to ensure they all have the materials they need to excel. This was a fun and successful last minute project and we appreciate all of your support.

Why This Project

Most Cambodian children come from poor families that could never afford to take their children to museums or cultural centers. This is particularly disturbing in Cambodia where so much of their culture was lost during the Khmer Rouge regime. Without quality education on history and culture, this country will further lose it's identity as the younger generations grow. We also wanted to stock the play room with educational toys because, during the rainy season, there are often long periods of time in which the children are trapped inside a small space with nothing to do. By stocking the school with toys and school supplies, we are ensuring the children are better prepared for the hard rainy months ahead. Check out this projects Photo Album on Facebook.

Project Needs

  • Cash Dontaions
  • School Supplies
  • Toys
  • Educational Games