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Volunteers Needed:

Volunteers Needed:

For this project we are looking for volunteers with carpentry skills who may be able to build personal lockers/cabinets for the boys to have their own private space for their belongings. Volunteers are also always useful in working with the at risk children. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about volunteering for this project or to work with foster kids in general.

A Goodwill Globetrotting Project

Round Rock Foster Home Christmas Project
December - January 2013
Round Rock, Texas U.S.A.

  • Contact Person:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Rebecca Charles
  • 512-696-2250

About This Project

This Christmas we are trying to help 9 foster kids in Round Rock to have a very Merry Christmas. The 9 teenage boys are under the care of Dorothy Place who has been a licensed foster mom for 18 years. She only takes teenage boys because they're the hardest to find homes for and she has even legally adopted several of her foster sons over the years.  Our goals are to acquire 4 new twin mattresses, two bicylces for the boys old enough to work, christmas gifts, 4 personal lockers/cabinets, and to take all of them on a fun outing to a college basketball game. All of the boys are basketball fans and we also think this is a great way to get them enthusiastic about the idea of going to college themselves one day.


Why This Project

The boys range from 12-18 yrs old and have a good life with Dorothy but she does have her hands full. She is also on a limited budget which means help around Christmas time is especially needed. These are boys who come from unthinkable circumstances and we want to ensure they have a Christmas to remember.  Please visit our fundraiser page if you would like to donate to this project.

Project Needs

  • Adult Bicycles (2)
  • Twin Mattresses (4)
  • Large Lockers or Shelving Materials
  • Volunteers
  • University of Texas Clothing
  • S.A. Spurs Clothing
  • Funding for Toys