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A Goodwill Globetrotting Project

Capital Area Food Bank
June 16, 2012
Austin, Texas U.S.A.

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  • Rebecca Charles
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About This Project

On June 16th we gathered volunteers to help out at the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin, Texas. It was a small scale and casual even designed to promote the idea of volunteering within your community and to show people just how easy it is to lend a hand. Our small but dedicated group cleaned, sorted and packed 4,570 pounds of food. That's enough for over 600 meals in Central Texas!

Why This Project

Why? Why Not? Capital Area Food Bank always needs helping hands at their sorting facility and it's so easy to arrange. Yes this is the good old U.S. of A. but even here there are a plenty of people without enough to eat and CAFB does fantastic job of helping to feed the less fortunate.

Additional Info

This project is easily organized so please contact CAFB if you would like to organize your own volunteer day. Or, let us know if you are interested in organizing one in partnership with G.G. Check out our Facebook Page for more photos.

Project Needs

  • Volunteers!!