Don't just see the world, change it!!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make philanthropy fun and easy by helping travelers around the world to conveniently make meaningful contributions to charitable organizations in the countries they visit.

The Problem

The world is full of people in need and just as full of people with the desire to help. Unfortunately, most global humanitarian efforts give the average person very limited options for contributing. Generally, you are limited to either sacrificing long periods of time to volunteer abroad or donating money to a cause which has to use much of that money for operational costs instead of directly on aid programs. While both options have certainly made a positive impact, we at Goodwill Globetrotting are convinced that there are other more efficient and potentially more effective methods of contributing to humanitarian programs around the world.

The Solution

Our basic idea is that small contributions from many can outweigh large contributions from a few. With this in mind, we set out to create new easier ways for you to help those in need while taking the emphasis away from money and large commitments of time. Instead of just competing with other non-profits for funding and resources we hope to assist them by bringing you to their cause with very little effort on your part. Our primary objective is to make contributing simple and available to as many people as possible.Through our own experiences abroad, we realized that international travelers are an underused resource and would be a great starting point toward expanding the idea of philanthropy as a way of life by first making it a way to travel.

Making it Happen

We are building a network that will allow you, the traveler, to easily find out what type of assistance is needed in the areas you plan to visit. By using our interactive map, the first step is to find a charity near your destination that you would like to support. The next step is to choose how you would like to help. Depending on the charity , there are many different ways to make a contribution that can vary anywhere from bringing simple but much needed supplies from home to setting aside a few days of your trip for volunteer work. The third step is the easiest and most rewarding. This is where you put your plan into action and go help someone in need. Whether it's money, material goods, skill, or manpower you have to offer; you are a valuable resource and our goal is to ensure you are not wasted. Next time you're planning a trip, visit our website first and always remember: Don't just see the world, change it!!

Our Founders

Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan

In 2003 Joseph spent a summer backpacking through Central America and immediately knew that travel would forever be an important part of his life. Eight years and sixty countries later, he was no longer content with just being another tourist. Whether he was trekking the hot dunes of Northern Africa or the snowy mountains of Nepal, his adventures began to feel as if they lacked purpose. No matter how far off the beaten path he wandered, he felt as if there was something more important he could do with his time abroad. In his search for something more meaningful, he realized that finding good volunteer opportunities was a painstaking process that often required lots of time and money so he set out to change that. He wanted philanthropy to be accessible to those like him who, although not saints, still care about other people and want to help when they can. This desire led to an idea originally called "Backpacks From Backpackers" which would encourage travelers to pack much needed school supplies in their luggage and give them to children in developing countries. With the help of co-founders Josh and Rebecca, that simple concept has evolved into a much grander mission to spread the idea of micro-philanthropy and change the world one tiny gesture at a time.

Rebecca Charles

Rebecca Charles

Rebecca has been traveling since she was a small child, but it was her first trip to Africa in 2005 that completely changed her worldview. Since that trip she's visited nearly 30 countries and realized very quickly that she wanted to do more than just be a tourist when she traveled. She spent countless hours trying to fit volunteering in to her adventures. Never finding anything that was convenient or affordable, Rebecca eventually planned an entire trip around volunteering. In 2009 she spent time volunteering in Zambia. Her experience there with the children of the small village of Maunga gave her the inspiration to fix the problem that kept travelers from giving back to the places that they visited. Shortly after returning from Zambia, she and Joseph started planning the idea that would eventually become Goodwill Globetrotting. Rebecca loves spending time outside with her dogs and is an ardent fan of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Joshua J. Vaughan

Joshua J. Vaughan

Josh Vaughan's journey began after graduating from UT in 2007 with a degree in Philosophy and Government. His first job after graduation was for a major non-profit, the American Cancer Society. While at ACS, he realized that the non-profit sector provides a model for engaging social change on a mass scale. After working at ACS for a year, and getting advice from his friends/ future co-founders Joe and Rebecca, he decided to travel to developing countries in South East Asia. While there, Josh experienced a level of poverty and desperation he had never known. After being abroad for nearly two years, Josh returned home to Austin, Tx. in September of 2010, and met with Joe and Rebecca, telling them he was interested in starting a non-profit to combat this global inequity. In November, Joe and Rebecca came up with a great idea called Backpacks From Backpackers, and by February Joe approached Josh with the idea. Since that first meeting the non-profit evolved into Goodwill Globetrotting. Josh's professional career is as a Project Manager for SHI, a private IT Firm, based in Austin Tx. In his spare time he enjoys being outside, reading, hanging with family, and devising elaborate practical jokes on his office co-workers.